“The humans are gone. Where they have gone and why shall remain questions for the ages. The great founders of civilization have departed and it is we, the younger races, which must rise to take their place. Without the elder mages, exalted priests and epic warriors of humanity our world has become a dangerous and unstable place. For ages untold the light of humanity kept the darkness of the Void at bay and in their light we, the younger races, grew and flourished. But their is a time for all things, and the time of the humans came to an end. It is our time now. Time for us to take up the torched passed down to us by humanity and drive back the darkness that threatens our lands. In ages past we looked to the humans to be our heroes, now is the age when we must become heroes.”

-Pontif Andorius Shey, from his summer solstice proclamation, in the year of Gathered Crowns, 21 S.A.

The Dawn of Heroes