Elves are the 3rd most populous race in the Halcyon Lands behind Half-Elves and Half-Orcs. While they do rule the forest kingdom of Mytheria, their ancestral home, elves can be found in all of the known lands, save the dwarven enclaves.

All elves revere light, as such Luminarra is the most popular deity amongst the elves. Their veneration of the Lady of Light borders on heresy according to many within the Mother Church. However, Archbishop Eladrius Sunsoul has reassured the Pontif that elves are loyal worshipers of the human pantheon, but due to the nature of their births, the elves can not help but feel a deep connection to Luminarra. Despite this connection, there are elven worshipers and clergy of every faith in the human pantheon and the pagan faiths.

There are three sub-races of elves which is determined by the light they are born under.

Sun Elves- (High elves) are born during the day and are the most populous sub-race. They are fair skinned and have flaxen or red hair with eyes of blue or green. The current king of Mytheria, King Hlaryn Lightbringer, and the Archbishop of Luminarra, Eldarius Sunsoul are among the more notable Sun Elves. They make up the bulk of elven society (55%) and the elven nobility. They have a reputation as the more open and diplomatic of the elves to outsiders and live in almost all the known lands. However, amongst the elves they can often come off as superior; a perception the comes from their philosophy that they are more blessed by Luminarra than other elves for being born in the time of day with the most light. {Mechanically there is no difference between Sun Elves and the High Elves presented int the player’s handbook.}

Moon Elves- (Wood elves) are born at night under the light of the moon and are the second most populous sub-race (40%). They have olive skin and hair that ranges from auburn to black. Their eyes are usually brown or hazel. Moon elves are more stoic and reserve than other elves and they tend to be less inclined to settle beyond the boarders of Mytheria. Moon elves often develop inferiority complexes and tend to overcompensate with single minded devotion to a skill or trade. This accounts for them being the top craftsmen and artists in Mytheria. It also explains why 3/4 of the Mytherian army; swords and bows are popular disciplines for moon elves to focus on. {Mechanically there is no difference between Moon Elves and the Wood Elves presented in the player’s handbook.}

Star Elves- (Drow) are born at night under the new moon when only the light of the stars illuminates the darkness. They are the least populous sub-race of elves (~5%) They have black skin and white hair, but their eyes are by far their most striking feature. All star elves have brilliant eyes that almost glow; common colors are aqua, purple, saphire and orange. These elves are consummate wanderers and rarely settle in any one place for long. They are often outsiders in elven communities, but find comfort among other outsiders and they hold the bonds of friendship as dear as those of family. {Mechanically star elves are the same as the Drow presented in the player’s handbook, with the following exceptions: Their darkvision is the same as the other elf sub-races and they do not have the light sensitivity trait.}

The Elven Kingdom of Mytheria
The great kingdom of Mytheria is the elven homeland ruled by King Hlaryn Lightbringer. The kingdom covers the forest island of Leland and the surounding smaller isles. It is the fourth largest of the 10 kingdoms, and the only one ruled solely by elves. It’s capital is White Willow. White Willow has a Traveler’s Arch, but it has not functioned since the exodus of humanity. It’s notable features include the White Willow, the Dagron Catecombs, the Palace of Light and a Traveler’s Arch. The population breaksdown as follows: 45 % Sun Elves, 35 % Moon Elves, 2 % Star Elves, 3 % Halflings, 4 % Half-Elves, 2 % Gnomes, 4 % Half-Orcs, 4% Dragonborn and less than 1% Dwarves and Planars.


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